Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming....

Well this little guy reminds me of Dory, and is my inspiration for going to work today.  After a long Monday, you just have to keep on swimming.
 I have never been to the Zoo at the right time to see the penguins before, so I had never seen them swim.  The swim around like little otters, flipping on their backs and splashing each other.
I love how he looks like a little airplane swimming around.
Today is a new day for positive thinking.  Today is a new day for zen and calm.  Today is a great day to strive forward.  Today is a new day.

Love Always,


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  1. Loving that swimming penguin -- he is quite charming and inspiring.

  2. Love him! What personality! Great photos, and wonderful words too. Ones to remember. :)