Sunday, September 8, 2013

I Declare This Week...Penguin Week

I have to make a huge confession, I don't watch football.  There, I said it.  I know where my family allegiance puts me, I cheer for the right team when forced, but I don't like football.  

So today, instead of watching football, I went to the Maryland Zoo.
I had the good fortune of showing up during feeding time, when all the little penguins were out and about.  (this picture is from the end of feeding time)
This is their current enclosure, in the next year and a half they will have a brand new home.  
I learned tons of fun facts.  Such as penguins molt all of their feathers at once, so this pathetic looking little guy is either quite ill and old, or more likely he is in the process of growing new feathers.  
This little guy decided to do a little penguin cannon ball.  Adorable.  
 (I took these pictures with the song, I think I can fly stuck in my head, just saying.)

I was looking at this little fellow, imagining that he was trying to take flight as he flapped his wings for several minutes straight.  I giggled as this situation is the exact reason I started this blog.  Trying to find my footing or path to fly in.  Boy was he determined.  
 This little guy is flying just fine, under the water that is.  Penguins are so graceful.

Here are the penguins flying around in a pack formation.  

I literally sat and watched the penguins for hours.  Thus the title of this post, there will be a week's worth of penguin posts.  There were fights and feeding frenzies, it will definitely be a fun filled week. 

Love Always,


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  1. Love it Meg! You really capture the spirit of things!Even Penguins!