Thursday, September 20, 2012

Africa Day 1

My father and I went on a Safari to Africa, I didn't post anything on the I didn't want to publicize that I would be out of the country for two weeks...but now that I am back I am really excited to go through all my pictures.

Bear with me as I have quickly edited these pictures in one day, I will have to go back a slowly edit each one, but here ae the rough edits.

The first day we stayed in Nairobi Kenya, and tried to get acclimated to the time change.  These pictures are of the main court yard of the first hotel we stayed at.  I was really suprised by the security they had at the hotel.  They had metal detector battons and they checked through our baggage just like at an airport.  Once inside, it was like paradise.

I am going to post images on the day I took them.  I really just want to document where I was and what happened before I forget.  This was an amazing trip, and I loved every secound.  

Love Always,


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