Saturday, September 22, 2012

Africa: Day 3

Today we left Arusha and made our way to the Ngotongoro Crater.  I caught a few pictures from our van as we drove through down town Arusha.  It was a pretty impoverished area.   This is one of the few dogs that we saw during our entire trip.

Lots of people were walking everywhere, when we did see bicycles I was continuously surprised by how much they could fit on the bicycle.  That is a huge bag of grain.

We had a barbecue today for lunch.  I was amazed that they were cooking the meat on these long swords.  It was delicious.

As we made our way to the crater, we noticed some pretty crazy driving.  Very few roads were paved, but there was also a huge difference between some of the roads.  For the first forty minutes of our drive to the crater, it was bumpy, for the last leg of the trip we got a "free massage  :  )."

But not only was it bumpy, but I have never driven on such narrow roads before.  Every time we went to pass a car, I thought we were playing a giant game of chicken...then we would pass by the car...and it looked like we would miss them by a hair.  It definitely was an adventure.

This was my favorite sun set of the entire trip.  We camped on the top of the Crater, and we were looking through these beautiful acacia trees.  Behind the trees it the Ngotongoro crater. We camped right on the edge of the crater, on the cliff.  At night you could hear hyenas and other animals, it was pretty crazy.

We sat and watched the sun set, and it was amazing.  During the day the clouds were vivid white because there was no pollution, and during the sun set the colors were soooo bright.  I loved every minute of it.

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