Friday, September 21, 2012

Africa: Day 2

On my second day in Africa we stayed on a coffee farm in Arusha, Tanzania.  We must not have visited during peak coffee season, because the coffee plants looked a little wilted, but the grounds were amazing.  They had a ton of beautiful, unique flowers.

These are the cabins we stayed in.  The cabins each had front porches where I would sit and read.  There was no humidity, so it was so nice to sit out in the sun.

This is where we had our lunches, it was spectacular.  I had the most amazing margarita pizza here our first day, and drank some local bears.  I think we drank Safari beer here.

To the right of this picture is the bar area, and straight ahead is the dining area.

I have never been much of a bird watcher, but the birds in Africa were sooo beautiful.  The birds tended to congregate around the fountain.

I wandered around the grounds and took pictures of all the plants.  We were about seven hours ahead of east coast time, so I was just trying to stay awake and avoid napping.

All in all, it was a pretty relaxing day.

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