Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rosewood Center

Rosewood Center was opened in 1888 and it was originally named The Asylum and Training School for the Feeble Minded and is located in Owings Mills, MD.  The institution is surrounded by controversy, as allegations about mistreatment of the patients who resided in the center to have come to light.  In June of 2009 Rosewood closed it's doors and all the remaining patients were transferred elsewhere.

Now, this center is a destination for teen or ghost hunters.  The grounds are said to be quite haunted.

I went to Junior high school at Ruxton Country school, which used to be right next door.  For three years of my life I went to school, with just a thin wooden fence separating our school from this institution.  I never truly understood when Rosewood was until years later.

Then four years ago I got a job in Owings mills, and trying to cross reisterstown rd, to get to my house was horrible...I tried every way I could to find an easier way.  The fastest way was through Rosewood.

I drove down this road, past all these dilapidated buildings for almost a full year.  Now I really wish I had taken the time to stop and take a few pictures, trespassing is prohibited now...well it probably was then as well...but now I can only capture pictures of Rosewood from the periphery.

The buildings are falling apart, it has been over three years since any of the buildings were in use.  Now the property will be sold off and in all likelihood the buildings will be demolished.  I'm glad I was able to capture some images of this place before it will be demolished.

People say that the asylum is haunted, I really didn't feel any dark presences...but I just hope that all the patients have found some peace since the center has closed it's doors.

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