Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Africa: Day 6

On day six we drove like crazy through the Serengeti and tried to see a Leopard.  Apparently Leopards are really difficult to see...one of the many things I did not research before I traveled to Africa...kind of like Kenya's close proximity to Somalia and the Sudan.  :  )  

The guide called this a calcon cat, it was a very rare thing to see, and I was really excited to catch it on film.  It was hiding in the tree because a hyena was at the base of the tree.

The giraffes were waiting to great us every morning as we left the camp and every evening as we returned.  This was a little baby giraffe.  People tend to call giraffes the worst mothers of all time...they just walk away and leave the babies alone for long stretches of time.  Some may call it bad parenting, but one other explanation is that you can only tell a baby giraffe from an adult giraffe if they are standing right next to each other.  From a distance, a baby giraffe standing alone looks like a proportional adult giraffe.

Ummmm, this falls under the "I really think that monkeys are cute, but only from a safe distance" category.  This monkey was sitting right outside of our lodges.

Here are a few Buffalo eating outside of our camp.  People kept saying, "Hey look, there's a Buffalo," and I would look around trying to see a Buffalo....and my only point of reference has been an American Buffalo.  Imagine my surprise when I found out they were talking about these cattle.  Don't they look like bulls or crazy looking cows?

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