Sunday, September 9, 2012

National Park Seminary

On my way back from Solomons Island I stopped by the National Park Seminary.  I have been really interested in abandoned, and run down buildings.

I usually take pictures of any maps or inpormation plaques that I see at museums and things, expessually since I never have a pen and paper in my purse at any one time.  :  )

I had seen information about this Park a while ago, aparently this historic structure is being sold off and converted into condos.  I wasn't sure about what I was going to see there, but I was really supprised to see how developed the area was.  There were minivans and parking signs everywhere.

It was really weird to see the new painted homes right next to areas that were falling apart.

I'm glad I stopped by because It was difficult to find the abandoned areas, and most of them had for sale signs in front of them.  It's sad to think that these will all be redone to become new condos.

I loved wandering around and finding little treasures around each corner.

I expessually love the way the paint is pealing to expose the brick.  

I think that this place is really beautiful to me, due to the fact that I went to a small boarding school that was created in the 1800s.  I just would hate to think of what would have happened if Old House and the dorms had been left to rot like this.  I also love that while my high school built new buildings, the original buildings had retained a lot of the original charactor from when they were built.

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