Thursday, September 27, 2012

Africa: Day 8

This is a Dik Dik, which is the smalled of the antelope family.  I like to refer to it as the kewpie doll of the antelope family.  It is the cutest animal I have ever seen, except for Mr Winks of course.

Dik diks are monogamous, they mate for life.  When you see them, it it often in pairs, but sometimes you will see them with a baby.  They reproduce like rabbits.  I think they can get pregnant as soon as ten days after giving birth!!!  I guess this is because they are prey for almost everyone, but all I could think of was poor Dik Dik.  They are pregnant for 6 months, the baby lives with them for six months, and then a week later they could give birth to a new baby.  Oh my word.

Day 8 was a day of travel, but I was glad that I got a few pictures that I wanted to keep.

Love Always,


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